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Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses and Clic Goggles
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My Knee doctor wearing Clic Readers Magnet GlassesCliC magnetic glasses and goggles are designed with the active person in mind, no other Goggles or Reading Glasses can match the convenience, speed and protection CliC can give.

This photo is of my knee doctor:
James Michael Cockrell, M.D. of The Orthopaedic Group, Mobile, AL

After I wore my Magnet Glasses to see my knee doctor and the whole office staff made a big fuss about my magnet glasses, the next time I returned , they were ALL WEARING THEM !

Ranging from Sport to Fashion to Vision & Goggles, CliC has a Patented Neodymium Magnet that will keep together up to 130 MPH, fast enough to handle any sport.

CliC Glasses and Goggles are so EASY to wear - on your face or around your neck, never in your way, never catching on anything.

CliC readers are a new advance in eyewear with substantial improvements over the traditional solution to reading glasses. The most innovative feature is the patented magnetic closure.  CliC readers use a combined adjustable headband and contoured neck strap which means not only do CliC readers stay in place while you are wearing them but also hang comfortably when not in use. You will never misplace your readers again. Other features include: Rugged, lightweight construction for ergonomic and long durability.


How do CliC Glasses get their name?

CliC reading glasses are revolutionary eye wear that use a neodymium magnet at the bridge of the nose and wraps around the neck. When they are brought together they snap closed with a 'clic'.

CliC Readers come in Sunglasses too !!

Men and Women... Never misplace your readers again, with "CliCs" stylish, magnetic front connection sunglass ready readers. Perfect for reading outdoors or in bright lights.

"CliCs" offer you as needed access to your glasses. No more granny chains, or uncomfortable elastic headbands, and no more fumbling in your purse or briefcase for your glasses, simply reach for them hanging around your neck on their size adjustable band. Click the magnets together over your nose and you can read small print.

There are 4 unisex, fashion forward colors, translucent blue, or red or clear, and blonde tortoise. And each color CliC Reader comes in 6 different magnification strengths.

>Deeply Discounted Prices We are so glad to see from our server stats that people worldwide have found our site and bought clics thru our discount online order links. Clic magnetic reading glasses are always conversation starters when people see us pop open our glasses and drop them around our necks. We are all so used to it, we do it without thinking of course, but other people still gasp slightly when they see us do it.

It is hard to believe that I am still wearing the same two pair of Clic Readers that I drug all over Europe for the whole month of July, tossing into a suitcase...never using a glasses case. They just didn't get scratched. Not saying it couldn't happen, mine just held up way better than I expected and I am still wearing the same two pair.

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