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Why I made this site - these glasses are GREAT !

In 2005 I had just returned from a month long trek across Europe and everywhere I went, people came up to me, in restaurants, on trains, buses, etc... and wanted to know where I got my cool magnetic front closure reading glasses. Originally I ordered one pair to try, loved them so much that I ordered two more pair. I took two pair on my trip, that way I'd have a spare just in case I needed it. Didn't need it. I can happily report that with no glasses case and no protection whatsoever, my Clic Readers have held up beautifully in my rough and tumble life. These reading glass lens are double hinged to bend both inwards and outwards, so should you ever 'catch' them on anything they won't break, unlike ordinary inexpensive reading glasses that snap at the hinge. Clic Readers just bend with the flow and no harm is done. The thin neck strap is very springy. I just threw my spare pair in my suitcase, piled stuff on top, and pushed the suitcase as hard as I could to make it zip closed as we jumped from city to city. Nothing harmed my Clic Readers. The standard reading glass style is just fine for both men and women, and much more convenient than glasses hanging from a long chain in front. You are gonna LOVE 'em. - Lundy Wilder

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How do CliC Glasses get their name?

CliC reading glasses are revolutionary eye wear that use a neodymium magnet at the bridge of the nose and wraps around the neck. When they are brought together they snap closed with a 'clic'.

CliC readers are a new advance in eyewear with substantial improvements over the traditional solution to reading only glasses. The most innovative feature is the patented magnetic closure. This allows CliC readers to use a combined adjustable headband and neck strap which means not only do CliC readers stay in place while you are wearing them but also hang comfortably when not in use. You will never misplace your readers again. Other features include: Rugged, lightweight construction for ergonomic and long durability.

See who all is wearing CliC's :

Knee specialist James Michael Cockrell, M.D. of The Orthopaedic Group, Mobile, AL

Doctor wearing his Clic Magnet Glasses

After I wore my Magnet Glasses to see my knee doctor and the whole office staff made a big fuss about my magnet glasses, the next time I returned , they were ALL WEARING THEM !

Clic Goggles in the Movies & TV!!

The Italian Job

Clic Eyewear on TV

Jack (played by actor Sean Hayes) is lounging on a yacht wearing CliC Goggles.

CliC Readers go prime time on
F/X’s new hit series Nip/Tuck.

Actress Linda Klien shows off the “clic-ing” action of her CliC Readers.
See her in action.

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Celebrities wear Clic's

World famous chef and restaurant owner, Wolfgang Puck in his Clic's

Wolfgang has changed the way Americans cook and eat by mixing formal French techniques and Asian- and California-influenced esthetics with the highest quality ingredients. Over a span of twenty years, an empire of Wolfgang Puck dining establishments has opened, including 12 fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palo Alto and Maui and 51 casual dining and quick service restaurants in nationwide urban centers, airports and supermarkets.

CliC Goggles™ a radical new goggle designed for the sports industry.

San Francisco 2000-- CliCs connect in front with a “click”, the sound created when the separated lenses come together. Incorporating a neodymium magnetic front connection attached to a distinctive molded headband CliCs will make big, clunky goggles look ordinary. “CliCs are more comfortable and easy-to-use than any goggle on the market,” said Ron Lando, CEO of CliC Goggles. “We developed this goggle to reduce the equipment hassle for snow sports enthusiasts. And, the cool factor is off the charts!” Instead of stretching a clumsy elastic band overhead, users will soon be able to experience the convenience of a front connection and the performance of a trusted brand. To remove the goggles, simply pull the lenses away from each other and allow the goggles to fall freely around the neck.

Advanced Features

CliC frames are supported at the temple by an original “T-bar” hinge that enables the lens to swing freely. This hinge connects to a hardened plastic band that features a custom designed sliding “friction” adjustment to accommodate different head sizes. When the goggles are not in use they hang about the wearer’s neck supported by the lightweight band.

Beyond the patented design and improved functionality, CliC Goggles have many other state-of-the-art features. Goggle construction includes anti-fog treatments, hardened polycarbonate lenses, air intake ventilators and comfort molded foam cushions. Prescription wearers can add lenses to the product and in many cases the goggles fit over eyeglasses. CliC frames are available in an assortment of cool winter colors including the latest in translucent effects.

“Goggles have remained unchanged, from a functional standpoint, for 60 years,” said Lando. “The excitement around CliC Goggles has already been huge.”

New Company

CliC CEO Ron Lando is not new to the eyewear industry. Lando’s family owned Style Eyes of California for 20 years with Lando at the helm as president. After selling the family business Lando formed Exis Eyewear in 1996. CliC was spun off in 2000 from Exis Eyewear after 18 months of research and development proved the feasibility of the lightweight front connecting concept. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Lando consulted on several major eyewear manufacturing and design initiatives. Many of today’s leading sport eyewear brands can trace their original designs and current success to Lando’s efforts and ideas. “New products with this type of common sense appeal aren’t introduced every year,” explains Lando. “Judging from our initial response, the sporting industry is anxiously awaiting a new design for outdoor eyewear.”

Product Introduction

CliC goggles debuted at the SnowSports Industries America tradeshow in Las Vegas, March 2000. Several stores as well as key sporting goods chains have already made commitments to the new line. An aggressive consumer marketing campaign is planned to build awareness amongst sport enthusiasts and drive retail demand.

About CliC Goggles

CliC Goggles is a new company from Exis Eyewear created to manufacture and market the innovative patented design of CliC Goggles. Ron Lando is CEO of CliC Goggles. Lando has over 25 years of sport eyewear development experience. CliC Goggles is a trademark of Exis Eyewear.

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