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Clic Reader Magnet Sunglasses

Like to sit by the pool with a magazine or take a book to the beach?
Then you will appreciate reading glass sunglasses.

Photo of magnified sunglasses

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Tortoise Frame Clic Reader Sunglasses 1,25 Strength

Tortoise Magnet Clic Reading Glasses Sunglasses 1.50 Strength

Tortoise Magnetic Clic Reader Sunglasses 1.75 Strength

Tortoise Magnet Clic Reading Sunglasses 2.00 Strength

Tortoise Magnetic Clic Reader Sunglasses 2.50 Strength

All strengths of clear lens reading glass are also available to wear with your regular sunglasses.

CliC Reader frames can also be fitted for prescription lenses:

Order other brands of reading glasses such as tube glasses, folding glasses, handpainted reading glasses from these online sources:

Men and Women... Never misplace your readers again, with "CliCs" stylish, magnetic front connection sunglass ready readers. Perfect for reading outdoors or in bright lights.

How do CliC Glasses get their name?

CliC reading glasses are revolutionary eye wear that use a neodymium magnet at the bridge of the nose and wraps around the neck. When they are brought together they snap closed with a 'clic'.